Paragon Package w/Adjustable Harness

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We understand what the active diver needs from a single tank rig.  Simple, streamlined, balanced, and easy to travel.  We built the Paragon single tank package to offer a modular and customizable BCD to best suit single tank diving needs.

At the heart of the Paragon Single Tank Package is the Paragon Wing.  The Paragon offers several simple yet effective advantages for divers.   

To eliminate the need for heavy and bulky single tank adapters, the Paragon Wing has built in (and removable) polymer inserts which act as tank stabilizers, holding the tank securely in place using only the supplied metal cam-bands.  This reduces bulk, weight and allows the tank to sit significantly closer to the diver’s back improving balance and streamlining. 

Another common area of concern for backplate and wing single tank BCDs is the “taco effect” caused by the wing wrapping around the cylinder, thus creating stability issues as well as making it difficult for the diver to vent gas.  To solve this issue, we created simple bungee retainers integrated into the wing that attach to the diver’s harness.  While seemingly a very simple feature, the wing retainers greatly improve the diver’s experience by keeping the wing streamlined to the diver’s body without compromising lift capacity.

The Paragon Wing comes in several sizes, 26 lbs (11.8 kg), 30 lbs (13.5 kg), 37 lbs (13.8 kg), 44 lbs (20 kg), allowing the diver to select the lift capacity based on their own needs. 

All Paragon Wings are built using extremely durable yet lightweight Cordura 1100, as well as the high quality plastic inflators and over-pressure valves, ensuring years of reliable service. 

Divers choosing the Paragon Single Tank Package have several backplate and harness options available to them as well.  Both 3mm aluminum and stainless steel backplates are available, depending on the weighting needs of the diver.  For those requiring additional weight can even select the 6mm stainless steel plate, adding an extra 5.2 lbs (2.4 kgs) over the 3mm stainless plate.  Depending on the adjustability needs of the diver, they can select the simple single piece webbing harness or the adjustable harness system. 

Also included in the Paragon Single Tank Package are 2 trim weight pockets, allowing the diver the flexibility to place trim weight where they need it most whether it’s on the tank cam bands or the waistband of the harness. 

Holding true to its name, the Paragon offers the perfect solution for all single tank divers looking for a simple, streamlined, balanced and easy to travel BCD.


  • Backplate (choice of aluminum, 3mm stainless, or 6mm stainless
  • Backplate pad with SMB pocket
  • Harness (choice of continuous webbing or adjustable)
  • Wing with LP inflator hose & integrated tank stabilizers (choice of lift capacity and color)
  • 2 x Cam bands with metal buckle
  • 2 x trim weight pockets

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